In recent years, there have been frequent cases of Internet fraud. In order to provide you with a more secure shopping platform and better services, the EGOSUNNY official website (hereinafter referred to as this website) hereby reminds you: 

This website will never ask you to operate an ATM for any reason.

There is no installment payment on this website, no matter which payment method is used, there will be no wrong installment. 

Therefore, we will not inform you of any problems with account settings such as ATM, bank installment payment, credit card installment deduction, supermarket pick-up is mistakenly selected as installment deduction...etc.

In order to avoid leakage of your credit card information, we are unable to provide any telephone order and booking services.

Do not provide any account, debit card and credit card information and service calls: 

Unless you actively request a return or refund, this website will not ask you to provide bank or post office account, debit card, credit card and other information by phone/email/text message.

The automatic teller machine only has deposit/withdrawal/remittance functions, and installment payment cannot be set or canceled. 

Please do not follow its instructions to go to the automatic teller machine for any operation. It is recommended that you change your member password and e-mail password regularly, and it is better to use both letters and numbers, and it should not be the same as the account number.

Calls outside of service hours, or phone numbers starting with + sign and 080 (the 080 toll-free service number can only accept incoming calls and has no outgoing call function) are highly dangerous fraudulent calls, please pay special attention not to be deceived.

This website has purchased information security maintenance equipment, but it is still recommended that the home/work computer you use can be installed with anti-virus software and regularly scanned to prevent the vulnerabilities of the operating system software and hardware from being invaded by hackers.

If you receive a suspicious call, please contact the customer service email first. 

This website will announce the fraudulent words you reflect at any time to ensure your rights and interests, and at the same time make other consumers beware.

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday 09:00~18:00 (except holidays)

Customer service mailbox: