Payment method

★Credit card - One-time payment by swiping the card online.

★ATM Payment - Entity/Network ATM or Internet Banking can complete the payment by remitting to the designated account of the system.          

Bank Code: 007 First Bank          

Branch Name: Beitun Branch (Branch Code: 405)          

Account number: 405-10-065811          

Account Name: EVARICH International Enterprise Co., Ltd.

★Pay and pick up at supermarkets-7-11/Family Mart.  

Shipping method

Supermarkets: 7-11/Family Mart

Home Delivery: Black Cat Delivery Service / Chunghwa Post   ※Available only in Taiwan main island.※

Return instructions 

If you need to return the product, please go to "Member Area>Shopping History>Click the order number>Click to cancel the order" within 7 days after the arrival of the product (including holidays), and send the return application.   

Refund method 

After receiving the returned product and checking that it is correct, we will handle the refund procedure for you within 10 working days and refund the money to your account.

★Use the credit card payment method to brush and refund online. The actual credit date of the refund varies with each card-issuing bank. Please contact the card-issuing bank to confirm the actual credit date.

★If you pay by ATM transfer/ATM virtual account number/supermarket code, you must provide the correct remittance account number in order to complete the refund procedure.   

After-sales service instructions

If you have any questions about the shopping process, payment method, shipping method, return or product, you are welcome to contact us.

Service time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 08:30am-17:30pm

EGOSUNNY reserves the right to modify, change, suspend or terminate activities and orders/reserves the right to final shipment or not.