Product Appreciation Period

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, there is a 7-day product appreciation period (7 days including holidays) from the time the product arrives in your hands. If you have a return request, please receive the product 7Contact the customer service staff within 2 days, and provide information such as "name", "order number", "contact number", "name of returned product", "reason for returned product and photo "materials, the little helper will assist you in returning and exchanging the goods after receiving them. ※If you have received a paper receipt, please return it together with the "shopping receipt" when returning the product.

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 Return Notice

Returned goods must be unopened and used, or damaged or faulty due to non-human defects, and the original packaging (including the outer packaging carton) must be kept intact, otherwise returns will not be accepted. Returns cannot be accepted in the following cases:


1. The commodity appreciation period exceeds seven days.

2. The product has been unpacked and used, or damaged due to human factors, such as: defacement, malfunction, damage, wear, scratches, scratches, and dirt.

3. Slight creases on the outer packaging carton will not affect the quality of the product itself.

4. The package of returned goods is damaged and incomplete, or the receipt and accessories are not complete.

5. Malicious or mass returns.

6. Those who apply for a return or refund due to personal factors, if they order the same product next time, they cannot request a return or refund again.



Return process

After confirming the contents of the return/exchange product with the EGOSUNNY editor, please send the "item to be returned or exchanged" back to EGO SUNNY, and attach a note in the package, write "order number", "return/exchange "Commodity Content", "Replacement Recipient", "Receipt Telephone Number", and "Receipt Address". When sending it back, please be sure to pay attention to the protection of the goods in the package. Incomplete items cannot be returned or exchanged. If it is a "defective/wrong product exchange", EGOSUNNY will pay for the postage you send back. Please provide the "logistics code" in private messages after sending Number" and "Shipping Amount". We will receive the package, confirm the content is correct, and resend the correct product and postage to you.

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 Refund instructions

After receiving the returned product and checking that it is correct, we will handle the refund procedure for you within 10 working days and refund the money to your account.

★pay by credit card 

Online brush back method.

The actual credit date of the refund varies with each card-issuing bank. 

Please contact the card-issuing bank to confirm the actual credit date.

★Use ATM transfer payment/ATM virtual account number/supermarket code to pay You must provide the correct remittance account number in order to complete the refund procedure.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the shopping process, payment method, shipping method, return or product, you are welcome to contact us. Service time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 08:30am-17:30pm